Gromit Unleashed was an event which saw eighty 5ft tall Gromit sculptures, individually decorated by an array of artists and celebrities placed around certain locations in the South West. They soon caught the imagination and affection of the public! They were then all be put on display at an exhibition in Bristol which saw queue times often reaching around 6 hours long. They were all then auctioned off for the Bristol Children's Hospital charity, they raised a staggering £2,357,000.00.
It was an amazing honour to design and create one of these Gromits. My Gromit, called Malago, was inspired by my time working in Bedminster which has the river Malago running through it, so I designed my Gromit with flowing waves using rich hues of blue, with subtle shimmer of other bright colours. Hand painting him took a long time, but it was all worth it when he took centre stage at Broadmead Shopping Quater in the centre of Bristol, being seen by thousands.