LV= are one of ThirtyThree's biggest clients, so it was an honour to be tasked with redesigning their website. With offices all over the country, we still wanted to deliver a personal site, which would highlight to the user LV='s prominance in their local area. To do this, the site detected through your computers IP address where you were based, and so delivered specific content related to the nearest LV office area.
The design needed to be clean and minimal, yet still able to highlight the positive personality of LV=.
I helped create different concepts for each page, making the site feel fresh and interesting on all pages, whilst still informative. Once the concepts were signed off, I started with the initial design, carrying on through to final and giving art direction of development. I was also heavily involved with the photoshoots for print and online advertising material, as well as the videoshoot for the website content, providing art direction in both cases.
With all this involvement it was great to win the CIPD Best Recruitment Website.
You can see the site live here.