A nice little side project, in which a friend needed a website designed for a snow sport resort. Instructed with wireframs and technical requirements, I designed something which came back with almost immediate sign-off. The resort has three locations where they are based, and I wanted to make each unique, by giving them an emblem. I researched their location, history and general information to find several nice elements I could use in creating an individual icon. For example, with St. Moritz I noted they have fourteen members of staff, so I gave their emblem fourteen stars. With the Zermatt resort I found it was closer to the German border, so I wanted to use a more distinquishable 'German' feeling typeface, and with the Verbier resort I found they have four main area's to their resort, so for the illustration part of their emblem they have four mountains. With this individuality, when applied to comping the images from their rich photo library, it really gave the site a sense of style and uniqueness.