Project Name: Treehouse rebrand
Client: Treehouse
Year: 2019

Treehouse approached Oakwood to update their brand with a new look and feel, and appropriate this through all of their promotional material. For this I developed business cards,promotional leaflets, PDFs, EDMs and a completely new website; that I designed and built.




I took lead in creating a style guide for their social media presence, which would be home to most of their promotional activity. From comprehensive experience of rolling out social media creatives with PDSA, I was well aware of the features needed to make this a successful piece of business for them.


As Treehouse is a complicated brand, this required time to break down and consider complex material for their targeted B2B audience, yet make accessible for other members in the studio to pick up and create.


I therefore created a UI bank of different types of posts, to use across their platform. I also considered and selected the style of design and creative, that the social post brief could be adapted to. This way any designer in the future, could easily pick up and comfortably design to a tight deadline.


The end result was met with over the moon praise from the client and internal stakeholders.