Project Name: Sing To Win
Client: Monster High
Year: 2016

Involve me and I learn.
A great way to promote your brand is by getting people involved with it, and your product. The "HotWheels Make It Epic Tour" did just that, with a free experience for children and parents to take part in, across 10 locations, over 10 days during half term, all over the country. Getting them involved in building exciting race tracks, for an epic race using the Hot Wheels cars.







I was assigned to lead the design of the digital content for the campaign, which included a responsive website, (which would detail and showcase the events across the country), retailer promotional graphics, social media and online advertising. It needed to be visually engaging, with large striking graphics assisted with fun animations. Another consideration was making the design flexible for future proofing, so that it could easily be skinned and edited for other similar events in the future.
Whilst I designed several core elements myself, I also art directed other designers, who helped in rolling out material for the campaign, all whilst making sure messaging was consistant, and branding was perfect. As well as working closely with 3D designers to ensure large scale print graphics was accurate throughout the pitching and to delivery stage.
The event reached 6004 visitors over it's 10 day stint, creating an enjoyable experience for families, and a great piece of brand awareness.