Project Name: Innovation Hub
Client: Bosch
Year: 2019

A new opportunity came for Oakwood to start their first piece of work with tech giants, Bosch. The 'Innovation Hub' was going to be the centrepiece of their UK headquarters, a showroom to showcase all the amazing digital tech they have created and have coming up.







I was tasked to lead the project design, creating a style for core graphics to create a look and feel for the room. As well as tieing in large bespoke graphics throughout the room, ranging from photographic treatments, to signage and labelling systems, to lighting and infographics which would adorn the bespoke rooms layout.

As the room required multiple graphics created for it, I would need closely managing the production and flow of each of the piece. This also required a UI guide and other accessible features for other designers, so they were able to easily pick up and help design or artwork numerous graphic pieces.