Project Name: 36 Days Of Type
Client: Own development
Year: 2019

Joining in with the 2019 edition of the ever popular #36daysoftype I created a typeface which was visually striking but also founded on an interesting, modern idea which isn't usually associated with typography. I based my font on the user interface methodology; Atomic Design.







To create each typographic design required a set process, which is used in Atomic Design User Interface. Starting by creating 'atoms', these are the building blocks of the design, the basic shapes which will form the shape.
I then combined these 'atoms' together, multiplying, manipulating and crafting them to create more complex graphic groups, and shapes. Forming the 'molecules' in the next stage of the process.
Then combining and editing these further to create a more defined and recognisable form of a letter, becoming an 'organism'.
Finally, becoming part of the #36daysoftype social feed it would take it's final form of being the 'pages', showing real content in action.


I love how letters themselves can be associated with the same methodology; an individual letter acting like the atoms itself, and when brought together like an molecules, it forms words. Being further used together to form sentences (organisms), and finally creating literal pages...