Project Name: 36 Days Of Type
Client: Own development
Year: 2019



Treehouse social styleguide

Getting on board with the ever popular #36daysoftype I wanted to create a typeface based on the user interface methodology; Atomic Design. Starting with the basic shapes of triangles, squares and circles as the building block, which is recognised as 'atoms' in the methodology. Then using Photoshop to multiply, manipulate and craft them to create more complex graphic designs, they would become the 'molecules' in the next stage of the process. Then using Instagram platoform to post the design, it took it's form, becoming an 'organism'. Finally, becoming part of the 36daysoftype feed it would take it's final form of being the 'pages'.


Make sense? If not, there is a great in depth read on Atomic Design methodology here.


I love how letters themselves can be associated with the same methodology; acting like the atoms themselves, and when brought together to form words, they become molecules. Then being used together to form sentences (organisms) creating literal pages...